About Us

AlterD8 is a place for you to be someone else and chat with your fantasy mates – all while maintaining complete anonymity. It’s a community of people embracing their alter egos and connecting with likeminded individuals. It’s hard to be who we truly want to be in real life, and alterD8 allows you to become that person.

We encourage our members to connect with as many people as possible by scheduling virtual dates with those who catch their interest. Find your perfect alterD8 match with our compatibility search form. Whether you’re interested in friendship, flirting, or a more passionate and intimate discussion, you’ll find someone looking for the same. We provide a number of virtual, dream date settings for you to get to know each other. Chat with Paris or a beautiful beach as your backdrop.

After each chat, we give you the opportunity to rate your date. The overall ranking of each profile affects search results – so be honest when you rate your alterM8s. “Favorite” members you want to remember and keep going back to them for more alterD8s.

At alterD8, leave your real life behind as you adopt an alter ego and chat with new connections from around the world. We want you to escape.

If you have any questions, or feedback, please contact us here.

alterD8 is changing the way people connect online.

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