Welcome to my site. Live the fantasies online that you can’t have in real life. What happens on alterD8 stays on alterD8.

Dr. Delilah

Live a fantasy; date virtually.

Create your alter ego and chat with your ideal mate. Escape on a fantasy date and virtually meet like minded people in a safe anonymous environment.

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Create your alter ego.

When building your anonymous profile, adopt a persona that reflects both who you are and who you wish you could be. Sometimes it’s easier to let the real you shine when you’re anonymous. Live the fantasies online that you can’t have in real life.
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Search for and find the type of person you would enjoy chatting with.

All alterD8 members want to find someone to connect with, but making those connections can be difficult in real life. We provide a safe, anonymous environment for you to chat with your fantasy mates, “alterM8s”, from around the world. Chat without the pressure of ever meeting your new connections in real life
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Have a fantasy alterD8.

Once you’ve found an interesting match, get to know each other on an alterD8 in one of our many fun or exotic virtual date environments. Have a conversation in Paris or relax on a sandy beach, while building uninhibited connections with your alterM8.
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alterD8 is changing the way people connect online.

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